Friday, August 20, 2010


The term "law" is notoriously difficult to define. The level of such difficulty reaches its peak ,when we commence our disscussions on it. All that will be attempted in this blog titled "law-unplugged" is a generalisation  , which admittedly is subject to lots of exceptions and incompleteness. However i do believe this blog shall give an adequate indications of major legal concepts.I do assure "law unplugged" will be a compendium of various legislations across the world.

I express my deep sense of gratitude to my guruji "The Living Law wizard" Shree K.S.Anantharaman who stands as the epicentre of my law knowledge and fixated me to understand the nuances of law.I also wish to thank my guruji Shree V.Sreevathson who baptized this blog and propounded the quality in me to scribble the blog for "law" in an autoschediastic way. I thank my guruji shree R.Prashanth without his contributions each and every act of mine shall be null and void.

On domestic front, I thank my mom. I wish a sweet(lawllipop) journey with law to my followers in this blog as it is completely dedicated in favour of you.


  1. "f(LAW)less" openin guruji. . Go on;-)

  2. started with an enthusiastic n good manner....
    keep rocking on your path of life.....

  3. eagerly waiting for the first article.
    a good initiative aimed at enlightening the common folks about law.

  4. Ignorantia juris non excusat