Sunday, August 5, 2012

In my Ignorance and Innocence

Henry Louis "H. L." Mencken one of the most influential American writers and prose stylists of the first half of the twentieth century quoted this marvellous line “A good politician is quite as unthinkable as an honest burglar”. Modern India is not an exception rather it is the epicentre for such words.

Learning of oxymoron has become easy. The best illustration is “Honest Politician”. “Honesty” is the term which is restricted to Concise Oxford Dictionary. Jurisprudence on GOD says that, he may share all the Assets but not any liabilities. He may take part in every profit but not in any losses. Politicians have become God. They can acquire any assets but they will not discharge any liabilities. They are undeniably ready for all the profit but not any losses.

Politicians of modern days has wiped away certain terms from their life: Accountability, Responsibility, and Liability. Nani Palkhivala once said that greatest source of corruption in Public life is the total immunity of Political parties from accountability. On such fact,Democracy have become a burden rather than a boon.

Men of Modern day are trying to cherish their liberty by perishing their Freedom. Distinction between the former and latter, latter term is an inclusive definition. FREEDOM includes RESPONSIBILITY while liberty does not include such good terms. Freedom is not transferrable through a will. It cannot be inherited like a property. It shall be available only for collective wisdom and not for the Individual Intelligence.

Exigency in India today is to save the India. Like a Slow poison, today there resides a concept of Slow Emergency which shall destine in the death of fading FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS. Albeit my understanding is Daughter-in-law is slower than the Mother-in- law. Processual Action might be slow but it is an effective dispossession of FREEDOM. V.R.Krishna Iyer once stated that “It is the Myopic Wisdom of one lady which paved way for the darkest hours of India”.

In the year 1993 on 24th JUNE in TIMES OF INDIA, there was an extraordinary article of Nani Palkhivala namely “PRIME MINISTER IN OFFICE BUT NOT IN POWER”. 20 years later, today is a re-telecast of such words. I saw Comparative picture of a JAPANESE ROBOT and a JAPANESE INSTRUCTOR with PM standing as the mere robotic element of Italian instructor. The fortunate part of the JAPANESE ROBOT is that atleast it has the instructor from its own nation.

Being a Man of law, I could not be without appreciating the legal knowledge of Economics person. When blame flame against a person is flowing and glowing from all the corners, he stands as per the principle of Contract law “Mere silence does not amount to Acceptance”.

I appeal to MEN of Paralyzed NATION to ARISE and AWAKE. Today’s need of India is a MORAL LEADERSHIP with the courage, intellectual integrity and a sense of values. India is also waiting for one “Lee Kuan Yew”.

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