Saturday, September 11, 2010


Law delayed is Law denied a prominent statement in nexus with law and justice but "LAW UNPLUGGED" is an exception to it. Unfortunately due to scheduling conflict that I call "Work",i was unable to make a post last week.Being an auspicious day, let me commence with my first topic. Before that, lets go back to our first discussion-"LAW".
NEED FOR LAW: The existence of  law is necessary for the maintanence of peace and order in the society.Without law, no person will care for others and their dealings will not materialise.As a matter of fact,an individual is confronting with many situations that demand certain knowledge of law,in the absence of which he may suffer on account of legal actions against him.A person cannot escape liability on the ground of  ignorance of law.There is a well known maxim " ignorantia juris non excusat" which means that "ignorance of law is no excuse". The object of law is "to establish socio-economic goals and establishing a welfare state". The welfare of the society is the quiddity of any law.
Just to make a connectivity with the object of law, i hereby clarify the issue Why CSR-Corporate Social Responsibility? There were some professional kith of mine who were having a negative view on voluntary csr guidelines. we had a long discussion in this topic . Mostly people felt as if it is an unjust-enrichment for one person out of the earning of other person ie corporate. I was pensive about CSR and its guidelines . I was affirmative about CSR. At the end of the day it is law. CSR is for the welfare of the society by the corporate, hence we need to accept such laws with open mind.If you are refuting for CSR,then my next target shall be Tax laws, which is also an analogous statute for CSR. Both the laws are for welfare of the society. In such arguements Law Wizard SIR ALFRED DENNING's words gives clarity -" The legal profession has usually found itself into two camps, those who want to make a change and those who prefer things to stay as they are; and between the two, we have somehow usually found the happy mean". Certainly I am happy with law of CSR.If there is a low of responsibility, there shall be a law for responsibility(IRON LAW OF RESPONSIBILITY) ie CSR.

LAWLLIPOP: lousiana: it is illegal to rob a bank and then shoot at the bank teller with a water pistol.( funny law)

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