Thursday, December 6, 2012

Leaves from my Library

This is an attempt to spread the spirit of Law. Through this article, pinnacle of pleasure shall be attained about LAW and its nuances. The unspeakable anecdotes of the Bench and the Bar shall be shared in this title. In these leaves, the language of English is added as a complementary to Law. The synergy of Law and English shall be relished in these articles.

 Extreme penalty:
"Sir Chares Russell, in the early part of his career was in court one day, during the trial of a case of Bigamy. One of the counsel, whom he knew, asked: "Russel, Whats the extreme penalty for Bigamy?" Without a beat, Russell replied: Two mothers-in-law".

Charles Arthur Russell, Baron Russell of Killowen, (10 November 1832 – 10 August 1900) was an Irish statesman of the 19th century, and later lord Chief justice.

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